Friday, May 30, 2008

Do Your Brakes Squeal Like A Pig?

When you apply your brakes, do they squeal like a pig?

It's not the braking part of the pad that is making the noise.

The high-pitched sound you hear is the metal part of the brake pads that is vibrating.

After the pads get worn some they get loose, and vibrate.

You can have them changed, or change them yourself (yes, you can do it, I'll show you how sometime).

But, sometimes aftermarket pads are just not perfectly machined and will not fit the calipers snugly.

Sound silly? Think about how many times that rotor is going around, even at 30mph. The rotor is the round shiny disk that the brake pads rub against.

Ever hear a wood-pecker when he is hunting a bug in a tree?..............I can't even type that fast.

His quick and constant pecking sounds like a machine gun going off!

That's about how fast, or faster, that your metal plate is slapping against the metal on the caliper eiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

The caliper is the metal coconut looking thing that the brake pads fit into and connect to the rotor when you apply the brakes.

Now, don't put any grease on the pad next to the rotor to keep it will be quite, but it won't STOP! ļ

Personally, I'm not much on *turning* rotors. That's when the machine takes metal off to make it smooth.

If the rotor is too warped you should have it refinished.

How will you know it is warped?

When you put your foot on the brake petal and apply pressure to slow down or stop, does the petal go *up and down* in a pulsating motion?

Yes? Then the rotors are out of round and should be turned. That, you can't do; unless you have a brake lathe!

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